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Go take a walk in the park or at the mall anywhere in the country and you’re likely to see a child puffing on an inhaler at some point. Asthma has grown around sixty percent in the past thirty years. Those are eye-popping numbers, especially if you’re a parent worrying about the well-being of your precious little.

Picture a member of a chain gang dragging around a large, iron ball around their leg in the shape of an inhaler. Allergy induced or not, the fact still remains that kids, and adults for that matter, are seemingly chained to their inhalers for life.

What We Know

What is asthma exactly? Asthma is the swelling of the airways, blocking air to the lungs causing wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, and tightness in the chest.

The CDC says one in thirteen kids have asthma and it is the third leading cause of hospital stays in children. Isn’t that just a lovely bow on a horrible gift?

Not to be all doom and gloom but these are the facts folks. These are the things we know to be true when it comes to asthma and asthma symptoms. It’s always about the symptoms, isn’t it? The attack of asthma always CAUSES something but what actually CAUSES asthma in the first place?

What Triggers Asthma?

Kids with asthma have sensitive airways that can become inflamed when irritated or “triggered”, but what are these triggers?

Triggers actually vary from person to person, but here is a list beginning with the most common:

  • Allergens: mold, pollen, dust mites, etc.
  • Air Irritants: smoke, pollution, strong fumes like gas/paint, etc.
  • Respiratory Illness: flu, cold, cough, pneumonia, sinus infections
  • Exercise: heavy breathing (especially in cold air)
  • Weather: dry air, cold air
  • Expressing Strong Emotions: yelling can cause breathing changes, etc.
  • Medicines: some medicines can trigger asthmatic symptoms
  • Other Triggers: reflux, hormonal changes

Unless a kid lives in a bubble, asthma attacks are bound to happen. BUT even though there’s no definitive cure for asthma, it doesn’t mean you can’t fight the asthma symptoms.

Is Medicine Alone Enough?

Asthma attacks are thwarted with the help of quick-relief medicines as well as long-term medicines used to help relax breathing muscles and prevent swelling within the airways.

But is it enough? And now that we’ve opened this wound, we hate to pour salt in, but there can be side effects from taking specific types of asthma medicine.

You’re thinking, ok, the cost of asthma is already astronomical for my family, there’s no way I’m spending more money.

What if we told you that a significant contributing factor to the onset of asthma has to do with poor spinal health? All this means is that your spine isn’t in alignment as it should be. This simply points back to poor posture.

No wonder so many kids have jacked up posture. They’re leaned over a computer, phone or iPad all day long. Text-neck is a real thing. Look it up!

Do you know what happens when your spine is out of alignment? Nerves get pressured, vital organs and systems in your body start to dysfunction.

Your nervous system is like a big fuse box. When a fuse goes out, what happens? Whatever is connected to that fuse doesn’t work. Same thing happens inside your body!

Chiropractic care addresses the ROOT of the problem with asthma, helping prevent future attacks and symptoms. Medicine helps millions during asthma attacks, but what if one day, natural health replaced all of that to prevent the attacks from ever beginning. Is it possible? We like to think so.

Go learn what your chiropractor can do for YOU, your KIDS, and your FAMILY!