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Vitamin Infusion Therapy in St. Louis, MO

Vitamin nutrition has been around since the 1930s. Individuals like Linus Pauling and Dr. John Mayer were pioneers in this amazing technology. In fact during the early years of IV vitamin therapy it was a readily taught and excepted medical treatment for many conditions such as Tuberculosis, cancer, chronic pain, inflammation, asthma, as well as immune suppressed individuals. The art and practice of IV nutritional therapy has evolved drastically over the last few decades. With breakthroughs in bio chemical science we now have formulas to help more specifically benefit our patients.

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More About Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

Let me break down vitamin IV nutritional therapy in a nutshell. We all know the benefits of good proper nutrition. However, the majority of us do not eat the foods that we should, nor are we absorbing the foods that we eat properly. For example let’s say an individual takes an oral supplement like a vitamin B complex. The studies have shown that most individuals absorb 10 to 15% of that vitamin at best. And only low doses are able to be given by mouth without having issues with an upset stomach or other gastrointestinal problems. However, with IV nutritional therapy were able to give megadoses and The research shows absorption levels are well above 90% of the product. So essentially were able to give the body more of the product needs, better absorption of the product, and therefore we see a faster change in the physiology of the individual that we treat.

Additionally another very unique point about our new pretty well this method is the fact that we test all of our patients bloodwork prior to giving vitamin therapy to them. This bloodwork allows us to individually customize the IV nutrition to help the patients achieve maximum therapeutic effect. Hence allowing our patients to receive the best results possible.

How Often Should You Recieve Vitamin Infusion?

People often asked how often should an individual receive a vitamin infusion. the answer truly depends on the individuals specific need. We have many of our patients who do well with a monthly vitamin IV to simply maintain their healthy bio chemical levels. However we also have very sick individuals and/or immunocompromise people who we may give them 1 to 2 IVs per week for several weeks and And several IVs per month for life.

Dr. Nepute Always explains that your nutritional needs or a lot like having an empty bucket. We want to fill your bucket up and then keep it maintained. The problem is most individuals have holes or leaks in their bucket. So with those individuals we need to be more consistent, more frequent and more diligent in their care plans.

We offer very affordable payment options and there are memberships available as well for our IV plans.

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Few of us are actually receiving the vitamins our bodies desperately need to function properly each and every day. The foods we eat, the water we drink, and the environments in which we function prevent us from getting these necessary vitamins. If you have been feeling tired midday or experiencing symptoms of headaches, colds, and flu’s you could be a candidate for vitamin infusions.

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Benefits of Vitamin Infusions?

Guaranteed vitamin absorption

Increased energy levels

Instant rehydration

Fast treatment times and immediate results

Reduced reliance on pills

Ideal preventive therapy

Fights the effects of environmental toxins

All-in-one vitamin pack

Improved immune system

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Vitamin Infusion Therapy in St. Louis, MO

The list of conditions that respond to our chiropractic care would be far too many to list. In order to find out if our services would be of benefit to you, please call our clinic at 314-544-5600 and schedule an exam.

New Patients Get a Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

Finally discover the root cause of the issue and the pathway to renewed health - Uncover and treat sources of your pain or health issue.

New Patients Get a Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

Finally discover the root cause of the issue and the pathway to renewed health - Uncover and treat sources of your pain or health issue.

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