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It’s no shock the most common form of contraception is in the form of birth control pills. Did you know that an estimated 150 million women worldwide take birth control pills? With that many women on these you would think the dangers would be well known however, through well thought out advertising and creating a culture that embraces its ease of use these dangers have often gone unrecognized. The once very high estrogen pills have since been replaced with new lower dose pills which have caused many women to believe they are now a safe option.

So What’s The Issue With Birth Control Pills?

A woman’s natural cycle is composed of rising and falling levels of estrogen and progesterone. Birth control pills essentially work by keeping estrogen at such a high level that it fools the pituitary gland into thinking it is pregnant which causes the uterine lining to thicken. The “fake” placebo pills then cause your estrogen to tank suddenly which triggers a cycle to occur.

This abnormal menstrual cycle is what most women in our country know and experience through life and most doctors are not telling them the real consequences of this.

These are just some of the potential health risks of birth control pills

1. Increased risk of cervical and breast cancer
2. increased risk of blood clotting, heart attacks and strokes
3. Migraines
4. Gall bladder disease
5. Benign liver tumors
6. Infertility
7. Decrease in bone density
8. Yeast overgrowth and infections

The potential health risks that we know should be reason enough to not want to choose this form of contraception or any that adjusts estrogen levels synthetically. We know that just the yeast overgrowth (candida) affects healthy gut bacteria and increases risks for autoimmune disorders and increases risk of cancer.

Many women have been sold birth control as a means to alleviate painful cycles or to regulate menstrual cycles but the truth is this often compounds the problem and “masks” the reason your body was experiencing those symptoms.

We would encourage you to find safer forms of contraception and stay away from dangerous estrogen based contraception. If you have been prescribed birth control for painful or irregular cycles we would encourage you to find a clinic that finds the CAUSE of the problem and stops masking it with drugs. Your health is far too important!











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