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Job. Kids. Health. School. Friends. Bills. Spouse. Are you dead yet? Even if all of these things are going peachy awesome, just thinking about them will create some sort of anxiety or stress.

“Health is your body’s ability to combat stress”–Dr. Eric Nepute

So wouldn’t you want your body to be in tip-top shape? Bottom line, are you managing your stress? Yes, you have stress. Everyone does, and you’re either fighting it or ignoring it. Maybe you want to get a stress test just to make sure, but whatever action you take needs to be aggressive.

Managing and balancing your stress is extremely important, so take a breath while we help you get educated on how to deal.

The Fight With Stress

Basically, you’re in a heavy weight prizefight. In one corner is stress, weighing in at a chiseled two hundred and fifty pounds with beady eyes. Your body is in the opposite corner looking like a feeble kitten and stress is ready to beat you down.

Duck and cover or punch back, you decide.

Nearly everyone on this planet is under low levels of chronic stress. Could this be the next zombie apocalypse? Maybe! It’s become that widespread of an epidemic. That’s ongoing stress every single day people are dealing with, or not dealing with for that matter.

Allowing stress to push you too far out of balance will have you living in the land of symptom, sickness and disease. Yep, sounds like zombies, not exactly the land of the living.

Stress: The Bad & Ugly Truth

Maybe you’ve gotten this far and you’re just wondering what the definition of stress is. Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from demanding circumstances.

This strain can introduce some pretty unwanted guests to your body such as anxiety, insomnia, Alzheimer, heartburn, back pain, neck pain, sleeping disorders, migraines, and ADD. These have all been associated with stress. Not to mention depression.

Additionally, stress produces the hormone cortisol, the hormone responsible for weight gain, adult acne, and high blood pressure to name a few.

When it comes down to it, stress wants to burn you out and beat you with an ugly stick, so yeah you could end up looking like a zombie when it’s all said and done. The main question is are you going to let stress win?

Self-Tips To Manage Stress

Growing credit card bills and crying babies are apart of life. You can’t just lock them in the closet, throw away the key, and forget about them forever.

The worst thing you can do is walk away from your stress. That’s the opposite of managing it. You can’t just forget about it, but you can deal with it. Here are a few simple tips you can do on your own to help alleviate some of that pressure you may be feeling:

  • Take a break and get some perspective
  • Exercise
  • Smile/Laugh
  • Friend/Family Support
  • Pray/Meditate

Chiropractic Care & Stress

When you’re dealing with stress, you probably don’t even think about how chiropractic care could possibly help.

Our brain based chiropractic care focuses on how the muscular skeletal system interacts with the neurological system to improve the quality of LIFE. And we all know life brings on stress, pretty much on the daily. So of course chiropractic care is instrumental in managing your stress.

Adjustments deliver treatment to your brain in a way that helps it hit the reset button on your body–Dr. Eric Nepute

When that reset button gets pushed, your brain relaxes and ultimately allows it to adapt to the different types of stress that you have.

Stress is going for the knock out so fight back and book your appointment today!