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This question is a common one that parents ask. Chiropractic is safe and effective for children of all ages from infanthood to teen years.

Do children get the same benefits of chiropractic care as adults? When is the best time to bring a child to see a chiropractor? What can be treated and how safe is it?

These are all great and valid questions.

A visit to the pediatric chiropractor is a great way to get some relief, regardless of whether you are 1 or 101. Knowing the most common symptoms children have when seeking chiropractic care is a smart move. 

As a parent, you can be empowered by understanding what chiropractors do for children and how they treat them.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Children

Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic care can be safe for children as well as provide many of the same benefits for adults. There is a lot of evidence that supports the effectiveness for children.

Getting the right treatment can ensure that they get the best possible physical, mental, and emotional support from their parents and doctors.

Here are some of the most common questions chiropractors receive about young patients:

  • How can chiropractors treat children? A typical visit to a chiropractor’s office for a child involves a thorough medical history and examination.

    Before recommending treatment, the doctor will always take into account all aspects of the case. 

As with adults, every plan is customized to the child’s particular situation and medical condition.

  • What age should children be for their first chiropractic appointment? Given that many mothers get prenatal care from their chiropractors, treatment can start as soon as the child is born.
  • Do children fear chiropractors? There are no real risks to children visiting chiropractors. Parents are often concerned about their children’s fears so it is helpful to explain the work of chiropractors and how they can be beneficial.
  • What symptoms should you look for in your child? Pay attention to any complaints that your child may have, such as back, neck, and shoulder pain.

    Also, take a look at your child’s shoulders to see if there is any unevenness. If your child has difficulty getting to sleep, has trouble moving around, or is having trouble standing upright, it’s worth visiting the chiropractor.
  • Does chiropractic treatment cause pain for children? The doctor uses special techniques when treating children. These include very gentle adjustments and physical therapy. Most children look forward to their next visit to the chiropractor after they have seen for themselves that there is nothing to be concerned about.

Young children face many physical dangers and risks. This is what being a child is all about. Parents don’t need to be afraid. Chiropractic care can be helpful for children of all ages.

Chiropractic care can help prevent many problems that often plague adults such as poor posture and lower back pain. Baby’s who have difficulty breastfeeding can benefit from chiropractic care.

A boost in brain function is another benefit that kids have. Their spines are still developing and growing. It’s possible for their nervous system to grow without any obstacles, improve the immune system, and create a healthy brain.

Children of all ages can reap the many benefits of regular chiropractic care

Here are a few of those reasons:

  • There are many different types of injuries that can be treated quickly
  • Higher concentration and attention to academic tasks requires greater focus.
  • Handling ineffective and potentially dangerous positions
  • A stronger immune system results in fewer illnesses
  • Sports performance that is more physical
  • A more powerful and efficient nervous system
  • Reduced pain in the back and neck
  • You will have a sound sleep and fewer interruptions due to less body pain
  • Better mobile joints and spine function
  • Migraine headache relief and other less severe forms of headache pain

Many childhood medical conditions can be treated by chiropractors

Older children, as well as toddlers and infants, face unique challenges that adults don’t have to deal with. Because they are still growing, their small bodies are very unique. Their brains, spines and bones, as well as their muscles, organs, are constantly changing.

As a result, chiropractors treat children with a different set of conditions. What childhood problems are most common? These are some of the most common.

  • Constipation problems and irregularities occasionally
  • All types of asthma, mild or severe, are possible
  • Sore throats, earaches, colds and influenza are minor ailments.
  • Infections around and in the ear canal
  • Problems with the immune system
  • Sports injuries, general trauma and other types of accidents can cause injuries.
  • Speech difficulties can cause many problems
  • Bad alignment of the spine
  • Stomach problems and other digestive issues
  • Bed-wetting and other types of urinary problems
  • All kinds of headaches
  • Scoliosis

As you can see, chiropractic care can have many benefits for children. The only way to truly know if your child would benefit, is to reach out.

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