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HALO Light Therapy

HALO Light Therapy

How does HALO Light Therapy Work?

As light photons pass through the vial(s) containing botanical extracts they pick up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals and transmit the photon and botanical energies into the body where the body responds as if the botanicals were actually present.

All the positive benefits of photon or light therapy combine with the power of active botanicals to produce excellent results.

What are the Benefites of HALO

The photonic/botanical energies stimulate ATP production within the cells and increase intercellular communication. The body has unique mechanisms that know what to do with these energies and how best to incorporate these energies to expedite energy distribution and healing throughout the body.

  • Pain reduction or elimination within 2 minutes in most cases.
  • A feeling of relief, stress reduction, calming sensation immediately post session lasting 6 to 12 hours and maybe longer.
  • A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting 3 to 4 days or longer.