Diabetes Reversed

Diabetes affects over 25 million American adults and children. According to the American Diabetes Association, up to 79 million Americans are pre-diabetic and don’t even know it. In fact, as many as seven million people in the U.S. don’t realize they’re living with...

Eliminate Depression with Brainfood

Winston Churchill called it his “black dog.” Abraham Lincoln said it made him “the most miserable man living.” They were both talking about depression. Depression can ravage anyone: regardless of age, race, or financial status.

Mutant grains

For years now, there has been a hot debate raging in the natural health world about the value of whole grains. You have probably heard the sermons some alternative health “preachers” give on how important it is to eat them. But many respected doctors and researchers...

Fight for your heart

Heart disease is the number one killer in America. And 12 million Americans use cholesterol lowering medication to tackle it.

Killing Candida

Nate Levitt thought he had beaten the odds. After five years in remission, his likelihood for survival was almost 100 percent. So when his doctor broke the news last summer that his prostate cancer had returned, he was stunned. He did everything he was told to...