Unlocking your body's own ability to heal itself

About Dr. Eric

Dr. Eric is a wellness care chiropractor with a passion for unlocking your body’s God-given ability to heal itself. Trained in sports medicine, advanced nutrition, internal health and anti-aging, Dr. Eric has personally experienced the life-saving benefits of chiropractic care and is committed to relieving and preventing pain and illness through natural treatments and nutrition. At Nepute Wellness Center he has created a team with one shared goal—to help you and your family achieve your full health potential.

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About The Clinic

Located in St. Louis MO, Nepute Wellness Center offers patient proven, state-of-the-art therapies and technologies, including spinal decompression for non-surgical correction of the underlying issues causing back pain. Our professional and compassionate team receives constant training in the chiropractic care of patients from infancy to advanced age, making the clinic a trusted source of primary family medical care and a welcome resource for those in medical distress.

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